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Basement Waterproofing Services

Offering you a complete choice of services which include basement waterproofing services.

Basement Waterproofing Services

Approx. Rs 60/ Square Feet

Service Details:
Build Up Area / SizeGreater than 10000 sq feet
Type of Construction3901574
Water Proofing MethodChemical waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing Services involves techniques and materials used to prevent water from penetrating the basement of a house or a building. Basement Waterproofing Methods: We have various ways to waterproof your basements. After site analysis and visit, we recommend which one is a best effective process for your site conditions. Leakage in the basement is common and it is important to understand causes & appropriate measures to be taken for prevention.  To provide a perfect waterproof solution in your basement, identifying and understanding of problem and water source are very necessary. Waterproofing treatments and measures were taken in the basement should be opted according to problem or level of hydrostatic pressure. As mentioned above there are various sources of water and dampness in the basement. There are different levels of hydrostatic pressure in different basement sites. For damp surfaces in the basement, any cementitious coating with high tensile strength and flexibility can work well. However, if there is higher water pressure or water is leaking in the basement, a normal coating with protective plaster on it will not work. Since water pressure is high, the coating will be cracked and damaged with plaster. In such cases, stones or marbles with high comprehensive strength and adhesive mortar are recommended to protect coatings. Method-1: Basement Waterproofing treatment for the not damp basement (If there no water leakage) Causes: Rain or Ground water, leakage through drainage etc. Step-1: Surface preparation: First, we should remove plaster from damp areas and clean the brick or RCC surface with brooms, brushes and detergents etc. to remove all dirt, dust. No waterproof coating should be applied on damaged plaster since coatings would be cracked and damaged with plaster. Step-2 After removing pthe laster and cleaning the surface, all joints, cracks should be filled with polymer formulated a system. Repairing and grouting should also be done if required. Gola should be formed at the joints of retaining walls and slab. Step-3 Applying two coats of cementitious coating with the roper formulation as recommended by chemical manufactures. Chemical should have the quality to make cementitious coating flexible enough to bear contraction & expansion movements, earthquakes etc. If the coating does not have high tensile strength and flexibility any movement can develop cracks in it which provide water way to make your basement damp again. Step-4 Provide protective plaster to coatings. Protective plaster is required to provide comprehensive strength to coating so that coating can bear negative water pressure without being damaged. Method-2: Basement Waterproofing treatment for damp basement (If there is not water leakage) Causes:

Humid air that comes in the basement and condenses on cooler surfacesInterior moisture such as bathroom, kitchen etc

If bthe asement is damp due to above mentioned causes, plaster (in step-4) should have silicone based chemical that can protect plaster from water presented in humid or environment. Method-3: Basement Waterproofing treatment for water leaking basement Causes:

High water pressure due to Rain or Ground water, excessive leakage through drainage etc. Construction joints in retaining walls or slab


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